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Registration Information


 All athletes pay a single $20.00 administration fee for the year's programs (from Sept. to Sept.) no matter how many sports they wish to participate in, plus a $5.00 sports fee for each sport played. These fees are payable at registration. Athletes will not be admitted to a program until the fee is paid.

There may be additional program costs associated with each sport. 

For example, 5-pin bowlers and mini-golfers pay each session they play. Some sports also require athletes to register in the associated Local or Provincial sports organization - athletes traditionally have not had to pay the total amount of these fees/registrations. Still, they are required to contribute towards the cost. For example, powerlifters are charged part of the fee to join the Ontario Powerlifting Association for one year; lawn bowlers are charged part of the fee to join the Heritage Green Lawn Bowling Club for one year. More information regarding sport programs fees will be available at registration. SSA will collect these sports-related costs during online registration.


Some restrictions may apply. For example, league softball athletes must be skilled enough at softball that they will not be at risk on the ball field.

Some sports have a "waitlist" status. Athletes who registered for that particular sport last year will be accepted first. Athletes not registered to that specific sport the previous year will be put on a waiting list. It is anticipated that a few spots may become open, but this will not be known until the program is underway. Those on the waiting list will be taken on a 'first-come, first-served basis.